Carlo Toreno's Government [Leader] Application

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Carlo Toreno's Government [Leader] Application

Post  carlvidal8 on Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:22 am

(( IC ))
Forename: Carlo
Surname: Toreno
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: November 11, 1981
Cellular Phone number: -
House Address: -
Current/Past Occupation: -
Nationality: American [ Or from Los Santos? XD]

Do you have any Law Enforcement experience? No.
If so, what department, and state which rank.

Why do you wish to join the Government? (30 word minimum)? I wish to join the Government because I want to help the San Andreas develop its economy and other things, and we will help the whole San Andreas to be peaceful and clean place.
What skills can you provide for the Government? (30 word minimum)? I can use my hardworkship skills and I can use my intelligence to think of projects for the development of San Andreas. And also I can use my little kindness to help other people.
What makes you better, then all the other applicants? I can work hard and I can adopt in any situation as long as I know what is right and wrong.

Life Biography (200 word minimum): Hi, I am Carlo Toreno from Los Santos, My father is Paul Toreno, A Government Authority, but he retired, he taught me how to run the Government and he taught me many things that I can use if one day I will apply for a Government Position, so here I am, I am following my father's orders and I am gonna do my best just to help the San Andreas and also to help my family on their needs and I would like to impress my family and also the Citizens of San Andreas on my performance if I would be accepted, I can apply all my father's teachings to me. That's all.

(( OOC ))
(First) Name: Carl
Origin: Philippines
Timezone: GMT+ 8
Age: 14
Rate your role-play, on a scale from '1->10'. 9
Level (In-game level): 3
Can you speak English fluently? Yes
List all previous family's/families you've been in, and state which rank. -
Do you have any alternate accounts? State whether their active or not. -
Provide a screenshot of your stats (Upload the picture to a free image hosting website. Example:


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Re: Carlo Toreno's Government [Leader] Application

Post  Connor Don Luigi on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:16 am

Dear applicant

You've been accepted to Goverment((We are working on a new project, so you will be a president in this script and in another one. Admins will test you IG))

Connor Don Luigi

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