Connor Don Luigi's LVPD Application

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Connor Don Luigi's LVPD Application

Post  Connor Don Luigi on Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:44 pm

(( IC ))
Forename:Connor Don
Date of Birth:01/02/1978
Cellular Phone number:53334572
House Address:Prickle Pine, House 475
Current/Past Occupation:None.

Do you have any Law Enforcement experience?
If so, what department, and state which rank.No but my father was an Lieutenant in LSPD.

Why do you wish to join the LVPD? (30 word minimum)?I wish to join LVPD, because I'd like to help out this city.The crime rate is really high in here, which is really sad for the city of lights.I have some knowledge from Army of United Kingdom so those skills might help out by helping out you guys, LVPD.
What skills can you provide for the LVPD? (30 word minimum)?I can provide professional driving skills. I am really good shooter. I own a gun in home, which is leagal, so I train everyday because guns make me feel fuzzy. Also I am really strong, so I can hold a tactical shield when needed.
What makes you better, then all the other applicants? Well actually I don't know. I guess the intention of being able to make Las Venturas better place to live.
Have you ever participated in a Law Enforcement training session?No.

You're currently pulling a man over for reckless driving, what do you do? How do you react? I would megaphone him to stop. Then I would go to his/her windows and ask him If he knows why I pulled him over. I would not do anything with my guns. Then I would ask for his ID and ticket him, if the thing is really serious then I would take his driving licenses.
You're currently being pulled over, for reckless driving, what do you do? How do you react?I would be patient and I would listen what the Police Force would tell me.
You find a man intoxicated, trespassing on Government Property, what do you do? How do you react?I would tell him to leave. If he doesn't leave then I would guide him out and ticket him for Trespassing in Goverments propety.
A older man rear ends you in a parking lot, what do you do? How do you react? I would tell them to be more careful, but I would still ticket him for reckless driving.

Life Biography (200 word minimum):
I was born many years ago. My childhood wasn't the best, because when I was five years old, my father and mother left me in children's home. So I was a 5-year-old kid in a children's home. One day when I was playing football with my friends, one guy named Tom_Carson found me.
Tom came along and watched me play. He saw something that no-one else could see. He took me to the Carson School, gave me a good education, fed me , let me play football. At the school they trained me how to really play...They gave me football boots for the first time. I still have
my first pair of football boots. Before that I'd only played in old trainers. They gave me the opportunity to be really good. And for the first time in my life I was happy. One day Tom Carson's brother Max came to the club. When he came to the club I was a good footballer, but Max talked to
me, helped me, gave me what I needed to play for San Andreas, to become great ...and he was great, a great man. I have played for San Andreas and have been in the team that had won the World Cup. Max was a scout. He helped Tom by travelling around San Andreas and the rest of America, looking for good
young players for the club and kids for the school. Max had always been very active and even after he'd retired, he still loved to travel and go to work. I also remembered that Max had always known when a young football player was going to be great. Unfortunately he died, when he was in Amsterdam. After winning the World Cup my doctor said that I can't play anymore.
It was the worst day of my life. So I moved to Los Santos, Verona beach. I started to work in San Fierro to earn some money, because I donated my millions to charity, and I am proud of it. I started to work as a pizza boy, until the day when my boss fired me. I was in huge debt. I started to look for a job right away. I found a job as a Trucker.
I liked that job, because my boss was happy with my work. My boss gave me raises all the time. I never left from that job. First car what I bought was cheetah. That was an expensive car, very expensive car. I bought the car, because I didn't like taking taxies and busses all the time. I was making good money with trucker job so I had some money to buy a car. After work I usually went to the gym, to work out. One year ago I met one beautiful lady. I asked her out to dinner. I really loved her, and she loved me, but she died in car crash. It was the worst day in my life. On that day I did not see meaning in life, because I lost everything , that I cared about. When I was ready to jump from star tower. But when I was jumping ,wise man came and told me that life is worth living. I thinked about it and I agreed with him. I love people who know what they are talking about. Well that is pretty much it.
Thank you for your time.
Signed by Connor Don Luigi

(( OOC ))
(First) Name:Egert
Timezone:+2GMT Eastern Europe Timezone
Age: 15
Rate your role-play, on a scale from '1->10'. 7
Level (In-game level):1
Can you speak English fluently? I might make some mistakes, but otherwise Yes.
Have you applied for LVPD in the past?Nah
List all previous family's/families you've been in, and state which rank.Down Street Gangsters
Do you have any alternate accounts? State whether their active or not.Nope
Provide a screenshot of your stats (Upload the picture to a free image hosting website. Example:

Connor Don Luigi

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Re: Connor Don Luigi's LVPD Application

Post  Kevin_McCabe on Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:48 pm

Dear Applicant..

I have visit your application and im here to answer on it.
In the name of the law. I will accept you to Los Venturas Police Department

I will recommend you to read the Handbook and Equipments guide.

Signed by Chief McCabe


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