[Need to read] LVPD Infomation.

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[Need to read] LVPD Infomation.

Post  Kevin_McCabe on Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:05 am

1. Serious Infomation.
2. Guide on Accepted,Denied,Pending....
3. Roster.
4. Radio Codes.
5. Equipment Guide.
6. Divisions


[1.] In LVPD do we not want'. Kids? Understood.
And you can get fired by whining. If you not accept this can ofc you ask about be fired.
And we do not accept everyone that making a application. If your apply is very good doesnt that mean that i accepting you. If i have watch you RP before. And it was really bad will i denied you.

If your application was good. But i have never watch you RP. Will i pending you.

I Only accepts people that i have RPed with or watch RP. And he/she is heavy RPer or very good roleplayer. If i haven't Roleplay with you. Will i pending you.

[2.] What Denied,Pending,Accepted means. [Guide for noobs]

DENIED: Denied is always in Red color. That means that you are not accepted to LVPD. But that do not means that you are perm denied from LVPD. You can apply in a week again.

PERM DENIED: Perm denied Is always in Dark Red. That means that you have made two-four applications same week or day.

BANNED: Banned Banned is always in Brown. That means that the person that applied was banned before i should answer.

PENDING: Pending Pending is always in Yellow. That means that you gonna come to the Department's HQ for a interview. We can denied you on this step too if you fail the interview.

ACCEPTED: Accepted Is always in Green. That means that you are accepted to our Department. And you don't need to do a interview. We know that you are a good rper.

[.3] Roster:

Chief-> Stefan_Milojkovic

Deputy Chief-> Kevin_McCabe'

Sergeant-> None

Lieutenant-> None

Corporal-> Sean_Wilson

Officer's-> None

Cadet-> Connor_Don_Luigi, Unkown Cadets.
[.4] LVPD Radio codes.

10-1 – Transmitting poorly
10-2 – Transmitting clearly
10-3 – Stop transmitting
10-4 – Message received (not yes, it means that you heard the message)
10-6 – Off Duty but in for emergency calls (for paperwork and personal matters)
10-7 – Off Duty, not in for emergency calls ((In Game but Off Duty))
10-8 – On Duty, responding to calls
10-9 – Repeat Message
10-10 – Off Duty, ((Out of game))
10-15 – Male in Custody
10-15f – Female in Custody
10-19 – Return to Station / Returning to Station
10-21 – Phone Call
10-22 – Disregard Last Message
10-26 – Traffic Stop
10-26a – High Risk Traffic Stop (need backup, traffic stop at gunpoint)
10-28 – Vehicle Registration Check
10-29 – Wants/Warrant Check
10-76 – Enroute to [Location]
10-80 - Pursuit in Progress, move all non essential radio traffic to channel 2 ((/r))
10-87 – Meet Officer [Location]
10-85 - Arrived in Area (Area Check)
10-88 – Request Cover Unit (Used on traffic stops)
10-97 – Arrived at Scene
10-98 - All units on call clear and go 10-8
10-99 - End of Situations

11-10 – Take a Report
11-29 – Clear Record/No Want
11-41 – Ambulance Needed
11-44 – Coroners Case – Dead on Floor
11-45 – Suicide
11-46 – Death
11-47 – Injured Person
11-48 – Provide Transportation
11-51 – Pedestrian Stop
11-52 – Status Check
11-53 – Security Check
11-80 – Accident, Serious Injury
11-81 – Accident, Minor Injury
11-82 – Accident, Property Damage Only
11-83 – Accident, No Details
11-99 – Need backup its Emergency

Status Codes
Code 0 - ((Game Crash))
Code 1 – Routine Response Type (Not a Priority)
Code 2 – Urgent Response Type (Lights and Sirens at Intersections)
Code 3 – Emergency Response Type (Lights and Sirens)
Code 4 – No Further Assistance Needed/Enough Officer on Scene
Code 5 – Stakeout
Code 6 – Marked Units Remain Clear of the Area
Code 7 – Meal Break
Code 33 - Radio Silence for an Emergency Situation.


[5.] Equipment and Uniforms:

M4A1/M16.-------------------> [SWAT WEAPON]

Glock18-----------------------> Weapon for all ranks. ((this is deagle))

Ramington Shotgun-----------> Shotgun for all ranks.

Nightstick----------------------> Mele weapon for Police Departments.

Peper Spray--------------------> If you getting attacked by mele. Use this'. Do not shoot.

Revolver------------------------> Weapon for all ranks. ((this is deagle))

MP5-----------------------------> [SWAT WEAPON]

Radio----------------------------> Talking Service for Police Departments.

Sniper Rifle-----------------------> [SWAT WEAPON]

Combat Shotgun-----------------> [SWAT WEAPON]

Tazer-----------------------------> Tazing service. For tazing suspecs. [Do not RT]

Vest-------------------------------> Vest. Blocking and defending you for Bullet's.

Gasmask--------------------------> [SWAT Equipment]


Cadet--------------> ID 71.
Officer-------------> ID 280
Corporal-----------> ID 281
Lieutenant---------> ID 282
Sergeant----------->ID 283
Deputy Chief------->ID May be undercover.
Chief--------------->ID 288
[7.] Divisions

SWAT-> Special Weapons and Tactics.
LVCT-> Las Venturas Cadet Training.
ODP-> Operation Desert Patrol.
LVUT-> Las Venturas Undercover team.



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